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Snippets Spring 2014

To succeed, jump as quickly at opportunities as you do at conclusions. -Benjamin Franklin Everybody had an opinion. The biggest surprise to me, however, was how markedly different many of the viewpoints are. No single comment necessarily defines the direction of the business, and some directly conflict with each other, of course even in the […]

Days of Wine and Roses

Someone said to me once, about being rejected, “It’s a lot easier for you guys because you are agents and you really don’t care.” Aw, come on, I’m not THAT mean! While it’s true we have grown some pretty thick skin over the years, we really do care about the art, the concepts and the […]

Fire Yourself!

There’s an interesting story about the early days of Intel back when they were primarily a memory chip manufacturer. They were starting to get hammered by the cheaper Asian chips and the CEO sat down with the Chairman to discuss what to do. They discussed what would happen if they were fired – what actions […]

Put Up Yer Dukes, Infringer

There was a long discussion on Linked in recently about registering groups of copyrighted images, and eventually copyright in general, and as is usual with these discussions a whole lot of conjecture, opinion and misinformation mixes in with the facts and sorting one from the other can be difficult. The first thing we want to […]

Runnin’ Wild in Atlanta

Five days in the Atlanta market and I can tell you this – if I see another wall sign/plaque/wall-anything/ with block/script/hand-drawn letters using the same shopworn messages that can be found on a hundred others it will be way too soon. And chalkboard design – it is so pervasive now that they have all morphed […]