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Lessons from the Woods

Which of these scenarios sounds more appealing to you: A close knit but wacky family living in the woods who love nature and hunting and share their goofy hijinks with the world; Or… An intolerant, bigoted group of extremely wealthy people who have amassed many thousands of acres which they use as a private game […]

TV Time

We always have pads of paper and pen sitting on the coffee table (and every counter, nightstand, desk and more) and they get a lot of use in our house. One thing I can never resist is writing down memorable lines from whatever we happen to be watching on the tube (that’s the beauty of […]

Hey, Remember Me?

There have been some (shocking but actually not surprising) statistics floating around the net lately, reportedly from the National Sales Executive Association, that illustrate how important follow-up skills are to sales success: 48% of sales people never follow up with a prospect25% of sales people make a second contact and stop12% of sales people only […]

Snippets – Dallas Meets Atlanta

One of the great things about the gift markets is that you can interact with a wider variety of people than you will see at Surtex or Licensing. The mix of owners, reps, art and licensing directors, sales managers, retailers and our fellow artists and agents makes for some wonderfully diverse viewpoints. It also made […]

Dude, What’s Your Problem?

Answer this quickly without thinking about it: Why should someone license your art above all others? Don’t know? If you don’t, then you can bet your clients absolutely won’t be able to figure it out. And out of all the answers that might work, “because I want my art on products” is definitely one that […]

Let’s Talk

“All products are conversations.” –Hugh MacLeod So if you consider your art to be a statement, then where does that leave you? The most important driver of continuing success will not be what you have done, but rather what you are doing. Licensing art onto products is not an event, it is a process, and […]

The View from the Other Side

You, as an art licensor, might wake up every day thinking “Hmmm, wonder who I should contact about licensing my art today?” You can start your morning thinking about new markets and potential licensees, but, hard as this may be to believe… those potential licensees are not likely to be waking up thinking about you. […]

Turning Up the Heat in Dallas

It wasn’t nearly hot enough in Florida so we headed off to the Dallas Home and Gift market to see what was happening there. I’ll tell ya, there’s nothing like that midday Texas heat shimmering up off 12 lanes of freeway to make you appreciate a sea breeze. Actually it really wasn’t all that bad […]


The pen and paper have been busy, between Housewares, Surtex and a few Atlanta leftovers a lot is being said. I only wish I could get them all, but ya just can’t stop a meeting to write down a good one, and then ya just can’t remember them all afterward, try as I may… but […]