Who We Are

Two Town Studios - Ronnie & Jim
Ronnie Walter & Jim Marcotte

Two Town Studios began operations as an illustration studio and licensing agency located in the exciting Saint Paul, Minnesota Lowertown arts district in the late 1990’s. Ronnie Walter began licensing her work in 1994 and in 2000 joined her husband Jim Marcotte, a successful business owner, in forming the licensing agency Two Town Studios. Working together has allowed us to bring a unique set of skills to the business, a collaboration of experienced individuals with both design and sales experience that provides for expertise on both sides of the table.

We have been very successful licensing designs throughout the marketplace, to a large and ever growing list of clients and manufacturers. As we have grown, our mission has expanded as well, and Two Town is now recognized as an innovative and efficient concept development group. We strive to keep a fresh and contemporary perspective that allows us to provide our clients with a wide variety of trend forward, curated concepts and ideas that can be developed into products that sell.