I love to write down snippets of conversation that seem particularly penetrating or insightful, a habit I picked up from a college roommate who would do it at parties and then read them back at the end of the night…not particularly discerning statements but always hysterical. Trade shows are generally fertile ground for new tidbits of wisdom, most of these are from the last couple of months:

When an artist doesn’t know what to do next they go back into the studio and paint the same thing again even though it has not been working.
– a licensing agent discussing how difficult it is to get fresh work

I tell ‘em “just paint more pictures”.
– another agent in the same discussion

But are they even looking at their art first?
– one of the first agents in the industry in a discussion about art coaches

It’s very cluttered out there.
– a manufacturing client discussing art submissions

I used to have several licensors making 3 figure royalties – now I have none.
– a manufacturing client who licenses a large number of artists

We spent our art budget buying art outright in Europe so we won’t be licensing much of anything this year.
– a client that always licensed a large number of designs every year

They won’t buy it because they haven’t heard of it.
– a brand marketing consultant while discussing a new collection

I don’t care what you’ve done – what are you going to do?
– a top agent in a discussion about finding new artists

Google is the ultimate equalizer.
– in an SEO seminar

Your brand is what your customers say it is, you do not get to define it.
– in a branding seminar

Wow, can this person draw.
-an agent describing what they want to say upon opening a portfolio

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