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There has been a lot of talk about how the product licensing market has changed for people on all sides of the equation. There has been an ongoing flood of new art and artists, designers and concepts, coaches and contests, all competing for attention in the market. At the same time to further confound things an economic downturn created widespread risk aversion among both licensees and retailers, and new retail buying models continue to force both sku counts and prices downward. But not all models have changed along with the times – in particular agency representation. Yet.

We are updating how we work to better serve our clients.

Two Town Studios (The Great! Idea Company) will now represent product concepts and design-based collections without requiring that those intellectual property owners enter into a full representation contract. We will be able to help our clients cut through the clutter inherent in today’s busy market by providing them with a steady supply of fresh, fully curated, product-worthy designs. For artists and designers we can provide an exposure opportunity for those who have a noteworthy concept they want to market but either don’t have, or don’t want, full representation. We will also continue to represent a very select group of designers in the traditional manner as well.

If you are a licensee who is not currently on our email list (hundreds are) please contact us to receive regular updates of new designs – we would love to have you! If you are an artist, designer or product developer and have a collection or concept that you would like us to review, please see the Submissions page on this site or contact us with any questions.

Come along, it’s going to be an exciting ride!


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  1. Terri Conrad
    Terri Conrad says:

    Jim, I’ve always appreciated your point of view. Innovative, creative solutions are the always an opportunity in response to changing models. My motto: “don’t just go through, GROW through it!”

    With so many of us, myself included, getting our panties and boxers in a bunch over what is . . .some will decide they no longer need to play by the same ol’, same ol’ ways and decide to be and do the “what” a little differently. The creme always rises ;o)

    p.s. I have © on it, so if any readers are “inspired” to “borrow” it, they may not!

    Terri Conrad
    Terri Conrad Designs

    –and now also–

    SHEOLOGIE™, Living by His Design™

    . . . . .the beat goes on

  2. Julien Chung
    Julien Chung says:

    Good idea! The market is changing a lot and there doesn’t seem to be just one way to do things. I have been approached by agents on a project basis recently, mostly because, I think, that they do not represent my style but receive occasional inquiries for it. I am also looking for new ways to do business as illustrators in general find it tough to specialize in one field of activity anymore.


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