When licensing becomes ridiculous

We are always amused whenever the latest announcement is made by some manufacturer that some celebrity is now licensed for…potatoes, mattresses, handbags, furniture…go ahead and pick one, it really doesn’t matter. The truth is that a fair number of these “celebrity licensors” have nothing to do with the product, and I would not be surprised if many of them could not even pick out their own licensed items in a store. Having never seen them, don’t cha know. Even knowing how it all works, I was somewhat surprised when I received my first Paula Deen newsletter today – that they claim I signed up for. Hmmm…

I DID email the Paula Deen organization a few weeks back, but it was definitely not to sign up for their newsletter. Which is quite well done, by the way. I contacted them after the Homefires rug fiasco (where many of Paula’s “licensed” rugs were obvious copies of the Homefires rugs) and I suggested that Ms. Deen should consider a public apology and perhaps try to make amends for the apparent design theft – which I suspect she knew nothing about – and in response they have signed me up for her newsletter. Not quite what I expected, but then it sometimes IS all about the money – no matter what the commercials tell us.

And I was actually hoping for a pan of her brownies.

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  1. Sue
    Sue says:

    HELLO!!! I’m always disturbed by this as well! Celebrities getting licensed clothing lines, home decor lines, jewelry lines, etc…. for the most part (some celebrities MAY be involved in the design process) there are talented and hungry designers creating these products – and will never see their name on anything! Disturbing! They work years and years to attain their dreams – like all of us – and end up designing products for “Jane Glam” to put HER name on and get all the accolades from! I want to say – do your OWN job, and leave the dreams of others alone! But as long as companies GIVE these opportunities to the celeb thinking they can bring about a bigger “bottom line” with their “name” – I don’t think it’s going away! Sadly! When they’re asked – they smile and proclaim, “Oh yes I design it all!” Yeah right!

    To all those unsung, great designers — I hope you’re day will come, for all your hard work and talent!

    The Paula Deen Organization should be ashamed! And I would hope Paula herself would be, as well, IF she even knows!

    Great articles Jim! Love to read them!


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