We’re very sad here today as we just lost a dear friend to breast cancer. Alyn Shannon was one of the bright lights, the incredibly talented creative force behind Paper Prince, ColorOriginals, XOXO and all of the card and paper lines that were part of Diversified Graphics. Alyn was so much more than a client – she and her husband Jeff were our neighbors, our walking, dinner and cruising partners, and a shining example of what living a selfless life really means.

Alyn was a woman of deep faith, and after selling their business they took on the cause of Haiti, traveling to the country many times, and forming the charities and Healing Haiti to bring some real help to the impoverished people of that country. They are directly responsible for pushing forward projects to provide some of the most basic needs – clean water, meals, decent living conditions and education for these long suffering people. Even in the last months of her life she walked the walk, traveling to Haiti when she was well enough to do so, and working side by side with the people there to distribute water, food, pencils and paper or whatever they could manage to bring in with them.

I think we can best honor her time with us by helping with that which she held so dear – please visit their website at, learn about their mission and help if you can. It’s the least we can do to remember someone who did so much.

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  1. Kathy Weller
    Kathy Weller says:

    I am so sorry you lost such a wonderful friend. She sounds pretty amazing – thanks for sharing her story, what a remarkable person. I will check out her charity site.. Thank you for the link! Take care.


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