Waited too long…

We woke up this morning to a winter wonderland – it really was pretty.

Dogs don’t wait for weather, however,

 so we slogged up the drive through the several inches of wet, heavy snow and marveled at how quiet and beautiful it was.

Then we began to hear the crackling of branches in the woods all around us as that very pretty morning snow started taking them down – wet heavy precipitation is not a friend of towering pines…

Of course not one but TWO came down across the power lines, one is a bit burned and we are currently living off the grid – but not by choice….us and 50,000 other people in the Twin Cities area…

The fire pit out back – won’t be sitting around that anytime soon….

Is this not the saddest FL license plate you have ever seen?

Today – we’ll settle for electricity.
Next week – we’re runnin’ to the sunshine!

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